National Fire Services Office

Would you represent yourself in court without the assistance and expertise of an attorney? Would you take on the IRS by yourself in a tax audit or would you enlist the services of a qualified tax professional? So why would you face the ISO® inspector alone and take the chance of receiving a poor PPC rating for your community? Most Fire Chiefs deal with an ISO® audit only once in their career, if at all, so they can’t possibly be expected to understand the complexities of the ISO® auditing process. Even if a Chief has been through an audit, the rules change all the time. The criteria of an ISO® audit from 10 years ago are much different than they are today. ISO® has devised a test whereby a community is evaluated based on it’s level of compliancy with NFPA, AWWA, OSHA and ISO® guidelines. The fact that over half of all fire departments in the U.S. are rated a class 7 or worse demonstrates how widely misunderstood the ISO® test is and that it is a test that has been designed to be failed by most who take it.

A community's PPC rating can serve as either a valuable resource or a tremendous liability. For those who wish to do well on the ISO® test, the answer is to enlist the services of someone who can prepare you better than you can ever hope to prepare yourself. Providing pre-audit services is our only business and our reputation speaks for itself, since we improve PPC ratings everywhere we go. You need a professional representative that has the resources and experience to prepare you and assist you in acquiring the best possible rating for your community. 

Remember, ISO® works for the insurance industry.

NFSO works for you.